soncoso is a web-based component software which can be used without the need for extensive training by the use of a browser as well as from any mobile device.

The business solution soncoso offers a huge number of functions with which you can administer your service company by just a mouse click.

As a modular software, soncoso allows for an DP-supported order and project processing. The business solution considers all processes and departments usually found within the structure of a service provider: From accounting, controlling, organization, distribution, human resources department, recruitment and management up to reporting. Thereby soncoso works the „big whole “and not only single aspects.

The following functions/areas of operation are included in soncoso‘ service portfolio. This functional spectrum can be complemented with additional modules according to demand.


Overview soncoso advantages

By using soncoso, service companies can increase their efficiency and effectiveness in all commercial areas of operation, deliver projects on time, lower the internal costs due to having optimized the management of resources and having benefited from a strict financial management as well as budget control.

  • Immediate and location-independent access to information
  • Easy use without the needs for extensive training sessions
  • Guarantee of high data security due to high safety standards
  • Individual administrative rights can be assigned
  • Simplifying communication
  • Output of all data in the individual design desired by the user
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in all commercially related processes
  • Reduction of internal costs due to optimized resource management
  • Strict financial management and effective budget control
  • Intuitive access provided by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets